Can you trust your family? Can you trust your friends? Because you may just have to choose.

New York City, 2048. Superstorms, and the politics of privilege, have left downtown Manhattan in tatters with electricity rationed, neighborhoods condemned, and hope destroyed. When high school senior Casey Parker and her best friend Jennifer are ripped from their comfortable, prep school lives, the pair find themselves in the dangerous world of the Resistance. With family on both sides of the conflict, there’s no way out for Casey but a dangerous gamble: allowing herself to be captured by the enemy in order to learn their secrets. Failure could mean the lives of her family; success could mean the lives of her friends…

praise for drained


Author Marc Daniel Acriche is a hardcore native New Yorker who currently lives in a tiny apartment in the East Village of Manhattan with his girlfriend, Dina. DRAINED is his debut novel (unless you count the one he wrote about dinosaurs in the first grade).